double acting pneumatic actuator, for direct mounting or by means of an adaptator onto centered or double excentric ¼ turn valves such as butterfly- and ball valves with attachment flange according to ISO 5211, adaptation for square or flat shaft or key possible. Rack and pinion, scotch-yoke and patented AMRI-yoke kinematics assure output torques up to 8000 Nm at 5 bar service air pressure. IP 67, optional emergency manual control (declutchable). Standard: position indication, mechanically adjustable travel-end stops in either opened or closed position

with accessory units:
- AMTROBOX for position registration and communication via analog or bus systems
- AMTRONIC for automated actuation and position registration, open/close piloting as well as regulation and communication via analog or bus systems
- SMARTRONIC for direct input signal processing, self-monitoring function, position registration, communication via analog or bus systems and freely programmable functions such as modulation, intelligent regulation, process monitoring, water hammer prevention


Related Documents (Downloadable Brochure)                 

ACTAIR/DYNACTAIR Pneumatic Actuators Brochure  
Double Acting Actuators Brochure (version C-1400 - revision 1)
Manual override for actuator
Min. control pressure
3 bar
Max. perm. temp., control press. medium
80 °C
Type of control
Continuous-action actuation
Actuator effect
Actuator movement
Max. torque
8 kNm
Actuator limit switch
Actuator closing time
0 s
Min. ambient temperature, actuator
80 °C
Face-to-face length
0 mm
Actuator position feedback
Ambient temperature, actuator
-20 °C

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